Effective Communication skills Course

Master the art of effective communication with our comprehensive course. Learn to convey your ideas with clarity, engage diverse audiences, and build strong interpersonal connections.

Very often Individual and organizational success depends upon the ability of individuals to communicate with others, directly or indirectly. In fact, the ability to communicate effectively is considered as one of the most important of life and professional skills. All our interactions with others are an opportunity for us to be perceived and judged positively and also to build trust and confidence with others, so as to ultimately influence their decision-making in our favor.

Our proven and experiential training program equips the trainees with all the necessary communication and interaction skills so as to be effective and successful in their personal and professional lives.  

Who is it for:  

All students, are professional members of the public who wish to improve their communication and interaction skills.


  • Trainees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the paramount significance of effective communication skills and how adept utilization of these skills can notably elevate both their professional and personal interactions.
  • Moreover, participants will delve into the realm of soft skills, comprehending their essence and harnessing select elements to augment their communication prowess significantly.
  • A dedicated segment of the training will be devoted to honing the art of vocal expression, enabling trainees to wield their voices as potent tools for impactful daily communication.
  • The training will underscore the pivotal role of optimal body language in effective communication and equip participants with practical insights on its judicious application in various everyday scenarios.
  • By immersing themselves in the program, attendees will acquire proficiency in employing interpersonal communication techniques that hold the power to sway others toward affirmative decisions and favorable viewpoints.
  • A structured module will guide trainees through the step-by-step process of crafting and delivering compelling presentations. By the culmination of the training, participants will have acquired the skills to autonomously deliver speeches and presentations with a commendable level of proficiency.

Course Details:

  • Need for Effective Communication
  • Role of Soft Skills for Effective Communication
  • The concept of influencing people through Personal Presentation
  • Speaking with Confidence
  • Speaking with a positive Attitude
  • Speaking Assertively
  • Sense of humor and empathy in communication
  • Concept of cross-cultural communication  
  • Definition, Importance, Types, and Components of Communication
  • Verbal Communication-Components, Pitch, Intonation, Accent, Tone, Clarity, Pace etc  
  • Active Listening skills
  • Concept of Para language
  • Effective Body Language, Using space effectively in communication,
  • Business Communication- Importance and components
  • The meeting, Greeting and Small talk-Exercise, Introductions, Oneself and Others
  • Asking questions to get information
  • Usage of phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Making effective public speeches and presentations
  • Planning and preparation, Dealing with nervousness
  • In the first 5 minutes, Managing the audience
  • Use of Rhetoric devices

Training methodology

The training will be conducted in accordance with contemporary principles of adult learning.

The training program is characterized by a strong emphasis on interactivity. It employs a diverse range of pedagogical approaches, including lectures, Prezi presentations, practical illustrations, experiential exercises, simulated scenarios, video presentations, group discussions, and interactive activities interspersed strategically.

Each session will encompass a series of structured activities, encompassing mock sessions, role-playing exercises, and collaborative group tasks. These will be followed by comprehensive discussions, reflective debriefing, dedicated question-and-answer segments, and concise review sessions.

Course participants will be furnished with a comprehensive courseware package, comprising educational resources, supplementary handouts, and purposeful activity sheets, among other relevant materials.

Equip yourself with the finesse of soft skills, the power of persuasive techniques, and the art of impactful presentations. Whether you're striving to enhance your professional trajectory, enrich your personal relationships, or simply broaden your horizons, this training is your gateway. Join us at IIPD Global, where learning transcends the ordinary and empowers you to communicate, influence, and lead with distinction. Enroll today to chart a course toward a more compelling future.

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