Delta HMI Programming

This course is designed as an Add-on course to any PLC or as a Standalone course for candidates who are already in PLC systems. This course starts from scratch and builds up element by element to give the best detail about creating intuitive and user-friendly HMI Screens for Automation Systems and Machineries.  


  • Upon completing the Delta HMI training with the DOPSoft course from IIPD, the candidate should be able to perform the following functions at the site,  
  • Locating and identifying the hardware system  
  • Creating a new program  
  • Creating New Screens  
  • Interfacing with Different PLCs  
  • Troubleshooting Communication issues  
  • Going online with the software for monitoring and troubleshooting  


  • Design of the System and Components  
  • Select the HMI model  
  • Creating a new project  
  • Interfacing and communication settings  
  • Profinet Network configuration  
  • Creating New Screens  
  • Screen Navigation  
  • Screen Macros  
  • Addressing and configuring Digital & Analog Tags  
  •  Configuring Lamps, Switches & IO Field Elements  
  • Trends and Graphs  
  • User Security configuration  
  • Alarm Configuration  
  • Using other graphical elements  


  1. Knowledge in any PLC Programming  


  • One to One -  Hands on sessions  

Software Used: DOPSoft V4.xx  

Hardware Available: DOP-107EV  

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