Intro to IC and Process

This course provides an overview of industrial measurement and control. It covers how pressure, level, flow, and temperature loops operate to maintain good process control systems.  

Course Objective  

  • Communicate the latest trends in measurement and control  
  • Understand the role of measurement and control in industrial processes  
  • Compare continuous, batch, and discrete control and how they are used in the industry  
  • Interpret measurement and control terminology  
  • Compare the methods and devices used to measure temperature, pressure, level, and flow.  
  • Understand the operation and components of a feedback control loop  
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of controller tuning  
  • Compare different control system architectures, including single loop controllers, DCS, and PLCs  
  • Understand why a systematic approach to troubleshooting is most effective  
  • Follow specified procedures for proper loop check-out  
  • Verify, locate, and identify performance problems and the causes of the problems  
  • Take or recommend appropriate follow-up procedures to minimize problem recurrence  
  • Identify the common causes of sensor, transmitter, controller, and final control element problems  
  • Troubleshoot control systems  
  • Understand pneumatic and electronic loops  
  • Apply safety practices for start-up  
  • Check and utilize control loop documentation  

Course Outline  

Below is the course content, which includes a detailed outline of topics and materials covered in the course. Explore and enhance your knowledge!

Process Control Concepts:  

Continuous, Batch, Discrete Control, The Role of Measurement and Control in Industry, Graphic Description of Loop Components, Component Loop Dynamics  

Industrial Measurement Systems:  

Overview, Sensor Selection and Characteristics, Transmitters, Smart Transmitters  

Pressure Measurements:  

Concepts, Instruments, Differential Pressure Measurement  

Level Measurement:  

Concepts, Hydrostatic Head Level Measurement, Capacitance Level Measurement, Ultrasonic Level Measurement, by Weight  

Flow Measurement:  

Fluid Fundamentals, Methods and Concepts, Differential Head Flow Measurement, Velocity Flow Measurement Devices, Mass Flowmeters  

Temperature Measurement:  

  • Concepts, Thermometers, Thermocouples, RTDs & Thermistors, Temperature, Transmitters  
  • Industrial Process Control:  
  • Basic Feedback Control, Components, PID Control, Final Control Elements, Tuning Concepts  

Trends in Control Technologies:  

  • Smart Components, Fieldbus.  
  • Approaches to Troubleshooting:  
  • Purpose of Troubleshooting,  
  • Reasons for Troubleshooting Equipment History,  
  • Input/Output (Serial) | Shotgun Approach,  
  • Logical Analysis  

Single-Loop Feedback Control Troubleshooting:  

  • Measurement Concerns,  
  • Controller Operations,  
  • Signal Conditioners,  
  • Troubleshooting Simulation  

Multi-Loop Control Systems Troubleshooting:  

  • Ratio (Two Controlled Streams, Wild Stream),  
  • Cascade,  
  • Three-Element Control,  
  • Troubleshooting Simulation  
  • Introduction to Digital Control Systems:  
  • Advantages,  
  • Digital Control (DDC),  
  • Supervisory DC,  
  • Supervisory Plus DDC,  
  • Analog Back-up  
  • Distributed Control Functions for Troubleshooting:  
  • Elements,  
  • Displays (Graphic, Trend, Alarm)  
  • Start-up Concerns:  
  • Safety, Documentation, and tuning Review  

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