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Our story

Founded in 2016, IIPD - Institute of Innovation and Professional Development is one of the leading training & consultancy institutes offering innovative programs in technical & professional development courses. Our mission is to develop people to their fullest potential, bringing difference in their lives and organization they belong to.

We want to make difference in people's lives by inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations through our learning and development programs. It's in our DNA to support people in the cycle of skilling, re-skilling, and upskilling, influencing how they think, progress, and contribute.

You can count on us for sustainable development and upskilling of talents to make organizations more effective and efficient workplaces. We make sure to clearly understand the need and pain of our clients and deliver customized and personalized training programs. Our innovative and diversified training programs and consulting services are devised and delivered by highly competent subject matter experts.

We're leading the way through our interactive, practical, engaging training courses. We have state-of-the-art classrooms and practical labs with the most advanced training kits. As a result, we equip employees with the skills they need to achieve their true potential - creating more productive and high-performing teams for organizations.

We promise exceptional value addition to our clients; all our programs carry the impeccable legacy of transforming organizations and individuals across the board to scale new heights through innovative, practical, and solution-driven learning. We have been entrusted by Govt institutions, large corporates, SMEs, and many other stakeholders to elevate their human resources by integrating our programs into their resource pool.

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Our purpose

We exist to help individuals and organizations upskill. Our quest seeks to give everyone equitable opportunities for skill development. We are aware of the rapidly advancing technological environment around us. What might be relevant today might not be in a few years. Professionals and organizations should continually upgrade their skills and knowledge for sustainable development. We are helping professionals and organizations achieve their up-skilling goals. We want to build a unique platform that prepare businesses and professionals future ready, we are building the future.

Our core values


IIPD is built on the foundation that quality education is a fundamental right for everyone. We strive to deliver highest quality in the entire learning process. We make sure that all of our courses are created with our students in mind for this reason. We pledge to our clients that they will receive the best training outcome from us.


Partners are integral part of our company. IIPD has partnered with globally recognized learning providers to support our goal of global skill development. Together with our partners, IIPD is helping individuals and organization achieve their training goals.


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