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Terms of Use 

www.iipdglobal.com terms of service govern our relationship with users and others who interact with our brands, products, and services we offer. By clicking the check box at registration you provide your consent to this statement. 

  1. Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us. iipdglobal.com privacy policy is available here and applies to the services offered by iipdglobal.com through our website and our mobile application. Please read it.   

  1. Sharing Your Content and Information and Safety

You own the information you share when you sign up for Site services. 

From time to time we do reach out to you for feedback on our products and service offerings. While we appreciate your feedback and support, please note that we are under no obligation to act on the feedback and that the implementation of feedback is without any monetary or other obligations to you. 

We do our best to keep the Site safe. We depend on your support. Please – 

  1. Do not act or encourage use of the website for unlawful activities
  2. Do not launch or encourage the launch of an attack on the website or its Tech assets
  3. Do not attempt to scam, harass or attempt to defraud other users 
  4. Do not violate our policy statements 

Doing any of the above is considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use of iipdglobal.com   

  1. Account Security

Provide real information when you register with us, a lot of information you provide helps the Site offer its services to users. Please – 

  1. i. Do not provide false information or create/run accounts for others
  2. Do not use the website if you are below 18 years old
  3. Do not share your passwords 
  4. Do not keep your contact information stale 

Doing any of the above is considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use of iipdglobal.com.   

  1. Charges & Payments

At this time we provide our Site browsing free. However, access to the Site and its features may incur regular data and voice carrier charges, particularly on your mobile devices. 

The Site does processes payments based on purchase agreements. All settlement of payments is to be done directly with the other users (persons or businesses) outside of the website. The Site does not stand guarantee to any counterparty risk (other party defaulting on their obligations to you).   

  1. Software and other Intellectual property

iipdglobal.com owns the software, assets, and intellectual property related to the Site. 

  1. i. Do not modify, decompile, or create rip-offs of our intellectual property
  2. Do not scrap out data from our Site

Doing any of the above is considered a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use of iipdglobal.com. 

Always download and Install upgrades and updates to our software as and when we provide them.   

  1. Amendments

This Terms of Use agreement holds good as it is for continued use of our Site. We will notify you when we have incorporated any significant changes.   

  1. Termination of Agreements

If you violate the letter or spirit of this Statement, or possible legal exposure for us we will de-activate your account and terminate your rights to use the Site and its services.   

  1. Disputes

www.iipdglobal.com provides its services free and as-is not liable. 

If anyone brings a claim against us related to your actions or information on the Site, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind. 

Terms of Use Last Updated Date: 13/10/2023 

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