Emotional Intelligence at Work Place

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Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace: Elevating Your Skill Set

In the contemporary professional landscape, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has emerged as a highly prized asset, akin to a 21st-century currency. The significance of EI has been firmly established, revealing that professionals who possess a heightened level of emotional intelligence excel in effectively managing both their teams and clientele.

Our meticulously crafted program stands as a comprehensive, interactive, and profoundly experiential endeavor. Its primary objective is to empower participants with an extensive array of skills and competencies essential for enhancing their Emotional Quotient (EQ). By bolstering their EQ, attendees can anticipate a discernible enhancement in their overall performance.

Discover the transformative potential of our Emotional Intelligence at Workplace course. Elevate your proficiency and redefine your approach to professional excellence. Enroll today to embark on this journey of self-improvement and heightened success.

Emotional intelligence is a 21st-century currency that is much sought after by professionals. It has been established that emotionally intelligent and equipped professionals do much better when it comes to managing staff and customers alike. This comprehensive, interactive and highly experiential program aims to equip the participants with all the skills and competencies so as to raise their Emotional quotient, thus producing a marked improvement in performance.

Duration: 1 day  


  • Find your Emotional intelligence level using a Psychometric test
  • Define and understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence  
  • Understand and practice the four core components and associated subcomponents to enhance Emotional intelligence
  • Learn to analyze and interpret your own feelings and emotions along with the feelings and emotions of others around you and be adaptive as required  
  • Understand and learn the usage of Emotional intelligence for improving the communication process and influencing others
  • Learn to use Emotional intelligence for managing stress and improving workplace relations
  • Understand the relationship between cultural intelligence and Emotional intelligence and how it helps in leadership responsibilities

Topics Covered

  • Measuring your Emotional intelligence- Psychometric inventory analysis
  • Define Emotional?Intelligence?(EQ).  
  • Identify the benefits of emotional intelligence at workplace.
  • Four core pillars of emotional intelligence.  
  • How to Interpret?and?manage?your?emotions.
  • Enhancing the communication process through the usage of Emotional intelligence
  • Using Emotional intelligence for better personal presentation and influencing.  
  • Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy.
  • Using Emotional intelligence for avoiding and resolving conflict and stress management
  • Emotional intelligence for better workplace culture.
  • Emotional intelligence and its relation with cultural intelligence for Leadership

Who is it for:

All professionals, who wish to enhance their emotional intelligence and the associated competencies skills  


The training program is designed to be highly interactive. It will incorporate a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, Prezi presentations, practical real-world examples, hands-on activities, simulated scenarios, video presentations, group discussions, and short activities to maintain engagement.

Each session will feature a sequence of activities, beginning with simulated sessions or role-plays, followed by group tasks. Subsequently, there will be a guided discussion and review, an opportunity for questions and answers, and a summarization of key points.

Participants will receive a comprehensive course package, inclusive of study materials, supplementary handouts, and activity sheets.

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