Danfoss VFD course

This course is designed to give you a deep understanding of how a VFD works in an Industrial environment, parameters configuration, control philosophies, selection criteria, and On-site troubleshooting concepts.


Upon completing the VFD course from IIPD, the candidate should be able to  perform the following functions at the site.Locating and identifying the hardware system
  • Selection of VFD as per motor capacity
  • Do basic troubleshooting
  • Configure Motor parameter
  • Set up VFD for working with PLC or other hardware
  • Wiring the Digital & Analog I/O's


  1. Design of the System and Components
  2. Electrical Basics Review
  3. Different motor-starting methods
  4. Incoming Power (line) Wiring
  5. Motor (load) Wiring
  6. Control Wiring
  7. Keypad Controls
  8. Terminal Strip Control - Automatic, Manual
  9. Bus Communication Control
  10. Open Loop Control
  11. Manual Operation
  12. Automatic Operation - 2/3 wire mode
  13. References & Limits
  14. Motor Speeds - Min, Max and Preset
  15. Ramp Times
  16. Speed Reference
  17. Skip Frequencies
  18. Inputs / Outputs Functions - Analog, Digital, and Relay
  19. Application Functions
  20. Reset


  • Understanding of Electrical Systems, Motors & Installations
  • Basic Knowledge about Automation Systems
  • Engr/Technician Level candidates


  • One to One-Hands-on sessions
  • On-Line Sessions (Batch)

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