Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS Course

Master the Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (EPKS) C300 Distributed Control System (DCS). Learn system architecture, configuration, control strategies, alarm management, and advanc

Welcome to the Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS Training course! This comprehensive training program offers instruction on the engineering of a complete project using the Honeywell EXPERION PROCESS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (EPKS), with a specific focus on the C300 Controller and Control Studio as the primary engineering tools.

Throughout this course, participants will gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience with the Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS. We will start with the fundamentals of commissioning and configuration, providing you with a solid foundation to build upon. From there, we will delve into backup and restoration procedures, ensuring you have the skills to safeguard critical system data.

About Course

This course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction on a specific topic, with the aim of developing practical knowledge and skills among participants. Throughout the training, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, allowing them to apply the concepts and techniques learned in class. By the conclusion of the course, participants will have acquired a deep understanding of the subject matter and will be better equipped to utilize these skills in their professional endeavors.

Mode:Classroom Instructor Led Training (CILT) & Virtual Instructor Led Training(VILT)
Location:IIPD Global, Dubai & Riyadh
Deliverable:Course Material and Course Certificate
Course:Normal Track

Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS Infrastructure 

  • Desk Console 
  • Direct Station with Configuration Studio. 
  • Flex Station with Configuration Studio. 
  • Inside the Control Cabinet 
  • C300 Dual I/O link Controller with I/O Base Plate (AI, AO, DI, DO). 
  • Rechargeable Battery Unit for Controller. 
  • Controller Power supply 
  • Network Switches 
  • Protocol 
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (FTE) 

Course Curriculum

Listed below are the topics covered in our ABB 800xA DCS training curriculum:

DAY 1 

  • Overview of DCS. 
  • Introduction of Honeywell. 
  • Introduction about Honeywell C300 H/W. 
  • Introduction about Honeywell C300 S/W. 
  • Explanation about Hardware & Software Communication. 
  • Explanation about Third-party Communication. 
  • How to Start & Stop the Server. 
  • Explanation about Asset Creation. 
  • License Loading. 
  • Opening Configuration Studio & Explanation. 
  • Loading CPU & Interface Modules in Software. 
  • Creating Logic Gate using DI & DO. 
  • Creating Alarm for DI & DO. 
  • Creating Analog I/O's & Assigning to Module. 
  • Creating Alarm for Analog Logics. 
  • Developing an Open Loop logic. 
  • Developing a Closed Loop logic. 

DAY 2 

  • Explanation about PID & Uses. 
  • Implementation of PID Logic. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for PID. 
  • Explanation about Cascade and Uses. 
  • Implementation of Cascade Logic. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for Cascade Logics. 
  • Explanation about HMI Web Builder. 
  • Creating Graphics in HMI Web Builder. 
  • Creating Face Plate for PID & Cascade Logic. 
  • Developing Graphics for PID & Cascade. 

DAY 3 

  • Explanation about Splitter & Uses. 
  • Implementation of Splitter. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for Splitter. 
  • Creating Face Plate for Splitter. 
  • Developing Graphics for Splitter. 
  • Explanation about Totalizer. 
  • Implementation of Totalizer. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for Totalizer. 
  • Creating Face Plate for Totalizer. 
  • Developing Graphics for Totalizer. 

DAY 4 

  • Explanation about Device (Motor & Valve) Control Block. 
  • Implementation of Device Control Block. 
  • Creating Faceplate for Device Control Block. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for Device Control Block. 
  • Developing Graphics for Device Control Block. 
  • Explanation and Implementation of Interlocks. 
  • Explanation about SFC. 
  • Implementation of SFC. 
  • Creating Graphics for SFC. 
  • Creating Alarm & Trend for SFC.

DAY 5 

  • Explanation about LOG Configuration. 
  • Executing LOG Configuration. 
  • Creating & Executing - Operator Station. 
  • Backup & Restore of Project. 
  • Q & A 

We are excited to have you join us for this comprehensive training program. Prepare to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and unlock the full capabilities of the Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS. Let's embark on this journey together and pave the way for successful project engineering using the Honeywell EXPERION PROCESS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM.

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Who should attend this course?


This course is ideal for engineers, technicians, and other professionals seeking to gain practical knowledge and skills in Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS and EXPERION Process Knowledge System.

What is the duration of the training course?


The duration of the course may vary but typically ranges from a few days to a week, depending on the specific program.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the course?


Yes, participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion, which can be used to demonstrate their proficiency in Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS and EXPERION Process Knowledge System.

Are there any prerequisites for this training course?


While there are no strict prerequisites, participants are generally expected to have a basic understanding of process control systems and programming concepts. Some familiarity with Honeywell EPKS C300 DCS and/or EXPERION Process Knowledge System may also be helpful.

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