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The CInP certification is a testament to an individual's proficiency in essential innovation methods and tools. It serves as evidence of their advanced knowledge and skills in driving innovation within organizations. By acquiring this certification, professionals demonstrate their capability to employ key and foundational techniques that propel innovation and contribute to business growth.


After join this course you will

Become an Innovative Thinker

You will come to understand what innovation is and the role it plays in driving business forward. You will learn how to think differently about the value and experiences your organization delivers to the markets. You will learn specific methods and techniques for pursuing innovation and ensuring innovation projects make it safely from concept to market.

Become the Driving Force for New Levels of Market Connection

By learning how to drive powerful and market-led solutions to emerging challenges, you will become recognized as a driving force for constantly reconnecting your business and its markets at increasingly higher levels. This will enable you to deliver meaningful impact to the business and transform it into a truly innovative organization.

Learn to See the World with New Eyes

You will come to understand how innovation requires stepping back and looking at challenges through a new set of lenses. You will learn how to decompose challenges into new hypotheses that can be tested and verified. You will also learn how to reexamine and challenge existing orthodoxies in the hunt for new and better ways to solve challenges.

Become a Catalyst for “What’s Next“

You will develop a deep appetite for finding new and better ways to deliver customer value and experiences. You will learn how to conceive market-winning next-generation solutions and how to advocate for these within the organization. You will come to understand how to be deeply attuned to your markets and how to deliver new demand-creating value in those markets.

Key Topics Covered in the CInP Certification

Following are some key topics.

Research and Insights Mining

One of the fundamental pillars of successful innovation is a thorough understanding of the market and customer needs. Research and insights mining form the groundwork for generating valuable ideas and identifying emerging trends. CInP-certified professionals are adept at conducting comprehensive research, analyzing data, and extracting valuable insights that fuel innovation.

Brainstorming and the GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method

Creativity lies at the heart of innovation. CInP-certified professionals possess exceptional brainstorming skills and are well-versed in the GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method. This method provides a structured framework for generating breakthrough ideas and overcoming challenges during the innovation process.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving that emphasizes empathy, experimentation, and iterative processes. CInP-certified professionals are proficient in applying Design Thinking principles to develop innovative solutions that cater to user needs and preferences.

Innovation Project Structuring

The successful implementation of innovation projects requires careful planning and structuring. CInP-certified professionals excel in designing effective project frameworks that facilitate seamless execution, resource allocation, and risk management.

The GInI Innovation Management System

Innovation cannot thrive without a well-defined management system. CInP-certified professionals possess a deep understanding of the GInI Innovation Management System, which encompasses strategies, processes, and frameworks to foster and sustain innovation within organizations.

Roles of the Innovation Manager

Innovation managers play a pivotal role in driving and facilitating innovation initiatives. CInP-certified professionals are well-versed in the diverse responsibilities and competencies required to lead innovation teams, foster a culture of innovation, and align innovation efforts with organizational goals.

Leading and Building Innovation Teams

Effective teamwork is vital for successful innovation outcomes. CInP-certified professionals possess the skills to build and lead high-performing innovation teams. They understand the dynamics of team collaboration, effective communication, and harnessing collective creativity to achieve desired results.

Engagement & Intrapreneuring

Engagement and intrapreneuring focus on cultivating an environment that encourages employees to contribute their innovative ideas and take ownership of projects. CInP-certified professionals possess the expertise to foster employee engagement, empower intrapreneurs within the organization, and create a culture that supports innovation and intrapreneurship.

Open Innovation

Open innovation involves collaborating with external partners, such as customers, suppliers, and other organizations, to leverage their expertise and resources. CInP-certified professionals understand the importance of open innovation and possess the skills to establish effective collaborations and tap into external sources of knowledge and innovation.

Innovation Storytelling

Effective storytelling plays a crucial role in inspiring and engaging stakeholders. CInP-certified professionals are skilled in crafting compelling narratives that communicate the value and impact of innovative ideas, products, and initiatives.

Idea Selection

Not all ideas are equal when it comes to innovation. CInP-certified professionals excel in evaluating and selecting the most promising ideas based on strategic alignment, feasibility, and market potential. They employ various tools and techniques to identify and prioritize ideas that are likely to drive business growth.


The GInI Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)® certification is a prestigious distinction that recognizes individuals who possess an advanced understanding of critical topics related to business innovation and innovation management. CInP-certified professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to employ key innovation methods and tools effectively. By leveraging their expertise, organizations can foster a culture of innovation, drive business growth, and stay ahead in today's dynamic marketplace.

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