Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) Course

Master the use of ETAP software for electrical system analysis, simulation, and design. Learn load flow, short circuit, harmonic analysis, and protective device coordination.

ETAP leads the market with design, operation, and automation solutions for electrical power systems. Providing unparalleled innovation, quality assurance & customer service, ETAP empowers engineers and operators with the most comprehensive and widely used energy management technology. 

ETAP is a powerful software that is designed to perform simulations, analysis, and design of Power systems. ETAP has very vast capabilities such as Load flow analysis, Short Circuit, Protection coordination studies, cable ampacity study, and much more. Because ETAP has integrated all the functionality required for Electrical studies, it is preferred over other software packages.

Duration 16h / 4 days 
Mode:  Classroom Instructor Led Training or Virtual Instructor Led Training 
Location:  IIPD Global, Dubai & Riyadh 
Deliverable:  Course Material and Course Certificate 
Course:  Normal Track and Fast Track 

 Learning objectives 

  • This course is specifically designed to cover all the functionality of ETAP software.
  • Learn power system modeling & analysis using ETAP software which will cover a range of ETAP functionalities used to design & solve various power system practical problems. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of conducting analysis in power systems. Each lesson is tailor-made to be detailed and precise with practical examples. Engineers in the industry can update and refresh their knowledge and learn to simulate in the ETAP package
  • Learn the selection of elements Ex: Grid, Transformer, Generator, Busduct, Cable, Circuit Breakers, Loads, etc., and how to perform an analysis 
  • Learn about the Single Line Diagram, Electrical Drawings, Product Data Sheets, and required essential parameters to start the power system analysis. 
  • Gain an understanding of the relevant codes and standards, ensuring that you can design. 
  • Get hands-on experience using ETAP working with real projects. 


Below is the course content, which includes a detailed outline of topics and materials covered in the course. Explore and enhance your knowledge!


  • ETAP Over View
  • ETAP Company Background 
  • ETAP Global Offices 
  • ETAP & Supporting Various Industries 
  • ETAP & Power System Solutions 
  • Quality Assurance, Technical Support & Training 
  • ETAP License Selection Procedure 
  • ETAP Software Installation 
  • introduction - Toolbars 
  • Short Cut Keys 
  • Project Settings & One Line Diagram 
  • AC System Modelling Capabilities & New Features 
  • 3-Dimension Toolbar, Revision Manager & Study Case 
  • Model Toolbar, Data Manager, Configuration Manager 
  • Schedule Report Manager, Auto Build Toolbar 
  • Templates - Creation & Utilization


  • Theme Editor 
  • System Manager 
  • One-Line Components 
  • Distribution Components 
  • Multi-Dimensional Database 
  • Rules & Libraries 
  • Load Flow Study & Evaluation 
  • Data Requirements 
  • Calculation Methods 
  • Load / Generation Modeling in Power System 
  • Loading / Generation Categories 
  • Diversity / Demand Factors 
  • Parameter Settings / Adjustments 
  • Reports / Alerts 
  • Result Analyzer 
  • Exercise 
  • Load Cases & Wizard 
  • Configuration & Case Study Edit 
  • Cable Sizing study 
  • Cable Editor / Library 
  • Cable Manager 
  • Cable Loading 
  • Cable Installation Types / Ampacity 
  • Cable Sizing Standards 
  • Cable Sizing Constraints 
  • Exercise 


  • Transformer Sizing 
  • Transformer Sizing Concept 
  • Temperature Correction 
  • Load Variation 
  • Sizing Requirements 
  • Load Criteria 
  • Results 
  • Exercise 
  • Short Circuit Analysis, Evaluation & Result Analyzer – IEC 
  • Data Requirements 
  • IEC 60909 Calculation Method 
  • Types of Short Circuits in IEC & Factors 
  • Device Duty Calculation 
  • Parameter Settings / Adjustments 
  • Reports / Alerts 
  • Result Analyzer 
  • Exercises 


  • Protective Device Coordination / Selectivity / Sequence-of-Operation 
  • Data Requirements 
  • Protection Equipment Library 
  • Protection & Selectivity Concepts 
  • Protective Device Arrangements 
  • Time-Current Characteristics 
  • Protective Device Coordination utilizing Short Circuit 
  • Parameter Settings / Adjustment 
  • Sequence-of-Operation Study 
  • Auto Coordination Concept & Application 
  • Study / Device Setting Reports 
  • Exercise 


The course will begin with the software overview, basics of one-line diagram creation, and data entry, and quickly expand the user's knowledge to include methods to automatically perform multiple 'what if' studies using multiple scenarios. Wherever possible, the topics are explained with hand calculations and results are compared with ETAP. software to make it easier for the attendees to understand the concepts. 

The course may deliver to users as followed by below mentioned prospectives: 

  • PowerPoint Presentations 
  • ETAP (Latest) Version 
  • Sample Execution Project 


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of designing and engineering electrical power systems. 
  • Learn about single-line diagram preparation, codes and standards, voltage level selection, substation layouts, switching devices, instrument transformers, voltage drop calculation, power transformer selection and size calculation, circuit breaker selection and sizing, cable selection, and size calculation, DG selection and sizing, power system protection. 
  • Through a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, and case studies, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in the power industry and contribute to the efficient and safe operation of electrical substations.
  • You will gain hands-on experience with ETAP software, which are widely used in the power industry for designing electrical power systems. 
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world design projects and be better prepared for a career in the power industry. 

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