Lean Six Sigma Tools - KAIZEN Workshop

The course aims to enrich and develop the participants' experiences and enhance their skills for the foundations and methods of using continuous improvement tools to improve the processes efficiently and effectively according to the Kaizen methodology to be able to lead the quality and continuous improvement and achieve high productivity improvement teams in their organization's teams.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for all leaders, managers, supervisors, improvement project teams, Quality specialists, and all staff in need of improving their own work, department, or productivity. 

Course Duration5 Days

Course Outlines

Module 1: Kaizen Introduction

  • History of Kaizen
  • Kaizen Comparison with Other Improvement Methodologies
  • Kaizen Roles and Responsibilities

Module 2: Quality Management and Kaizen

  • TQM Philosophy
  • KAIZEN methodology and difference from other improvement strategies.
  • Deming Cycle for continuous improvement in TQM
  • International Excellence Models

Module 3: Kaizen PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)

  • Plan Phase
  • Do Phase
  • Lean Efficiency Metrics
  • Process Value Analysis
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Error Proofing
  • Check and Act Phase
  • Monitoring and Controlling the New Process

Module 4: Kaizen Concepts and Tools

  • Types of wastes and Japanese improvement in managing wastes
  • Types of Continuous Improvement
  • Implementation Levels for Continuous Improvement
  • Prioritizing improvement for KAIZEN
  • Define Quality, Problem
  • Identifying Problems for KAIZEN
  • Understand Objectives of Kaizen
  • Identify Customer Requirements
  • CTQ Matrix
  • Resource/Stakeholder Analysis
  • Cost of Quality
  • Voice of Customer
  • Waste Identification and Elimination
  • Identifying Non-Value Adding activities
  • Visual Management
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Continuous Flow
  • 5S

Module 5: Mapping of Process and Value Stream

  • Process Mapping Overview
  • Value Stream Mapping Principles and Methodology
  • Mapping Tools and Symbols
  • Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping of the Current State
  • Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping of the Future State
  • Using Process Maps
  • Value Stream Maps

Module 6: Kaizen Project Implementation

  • Team-Based Problem Solving
  • Project Charter
  • Map Future State
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis of Projects
  • Stepwise KAIZEN improvement – KAIZEN BLITZ
  • KAIZEN Change Management
  • Managerial required competencies to deploy KAIZEN  
  • Employee buy-in for KAIZEN 

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