IIPD conducts Future of Automation workshop for Curtin University

It was our privilege to host an amazing group of Mechanical engineering students from Curtin University Dubai for workshop on "Future of automation and smart manufacturing". Thank you students for your active participation and for being such an inspiring group of guests to host! We hope to see you all in the near future contributing to the engineering world!

We thanks Ronak Monga and Sameer Ahamed from HMS Networks for supporting the program with brilliant sessions on Building connectivity and IIOT.


We thank Dr. Chithirai Pon Selvan, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, SFHEA(UK) and Everyl Colaco for this great initiative to connect students with industry experts, helping them understand industry trends and better prepare for future jobs higher studies.

IIPD is always willing and happy to contribute to the learning and development of future engineers. Connect with us to host technology workshops!


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