Training Facilities


With IIPD, students get hands-on experience with what they learn in classes. Our training facility is focused on creating a learning experience with an efficient approach. As a result,students can learn and develop themselves in a parallel process. Incorporating simulation software, interactive learning practice, remote laboratories and targeted modules help the students boost their knowledge from the most fundamental to the advanced level.

IIPD offers the student the chance to learn and develop together. Our training facility focuses on delivering a quality experience that makes students implement what they are studying. We have been able to build this approach by focusing on the needs of our students. IIPD works upon a data-driven approach to what our students seek in a particular learning course.

IIPD has taken several measures to ensure the best training facility, such as investing in high end technological devices to create a real-time environment, building a strong action plan to integrate learning and application, and creating a flow of knowledge by different simulation mediums. When a student or professional faces the outside world, they must understand how to implement what they have learned. However, our rigid conventional teaching and development system does not focus on it.


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