Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Black Belts are at the core of every Six Sigma implementation. Motorola used the term "Black Belt" to describe "an individual who has developed a synergistic proficiency between his or her technical discipline and the Six Sigma strategies, tactics, and tools. These individuals will continually work towards institutionalizing the effective use of these tools throughout the corporation, its clients, and its suppliers."

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a mark of career excellence and is aimed at individuals who possess exceptional expertise and knowledge of current industry practice. Master black belts have outstanding leadership ability, are innovative, and demonstrate a strong commitment to the practice and advancement of quality and improvement.

Course Pre-requisites: Attending the Six Sigma Black Belt course

Course Outline:

Module One – Six Sigma Statistics Review  

  • Descriptive Statistics review
  • Capability Analysis review
  • ANOVA review
  • General Linear Model Review
  • Non-Linear Analysis
  • DOE review

Module Two – Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Management Principles
  • Setting Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Strategy Road Map; Environmental Scanning, SWOT analysis
  • Strategy levels and types
  • Grand Corporate strategies
  • Generic Competitive Business Strategies
  • Functional strategies
  • BCG matrix

Module Three - Planning and Development

  • How to develop and deploy quality plans
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Organizational Assessment and Measures of Excellence
  • Gap Analysis, Inspection, and Prevention
  • Change Management

Module Four – Project Management

  • Describe the steps in the project management process
  • Define a project
  • Describe the team leader’s role in a project
  • Prepare project charter and plan
  • Describe what is involved in the basic quality control of a project
  • Describe the nature of total quality management

Module Five - Interpersonal Skills and Professional Development

  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Management
  • Communication strategies and productive meetings
  • Negotiation and managing conflict
  • Learning and motivation
  • Coaching 

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