PI Certified - Profibus Training Course

Master PROFIBUS network troubleshooting! This hands-on course equips you with fault-finding techniques and analyzer use (Profitrace, Mercury) for DP/PA systems.

Mastering PROFIBUS: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course

IIPD organizes this training in collaboration with HMS Networks, an accredited PROFIBUS, and PROFINET International Training Centers (PITC). It provides an opportunity to obtain world-wide recognized qualifications in the PROFIBUS technology on a one-day Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course followed by a one-day PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course and the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course for the rest of the week/two days.

Duration4 Days
LocationSaudi Arabia, Dubai


Knowledge of Industrial Automation such as PLC and networking

Course Assessments  

Trainees work in pairs sharing a set of training equipment which comprises a rack of PROFIBUS slaves, cable, and connectors. Tools include cable preparation and test tools, and a laptop.

Training Preparation 

You will be given a full set of printed course notes at the start of the training. However, in preparation for the training you may like to read the PROFIBUS Installation Guide that you will receive as an attachment.

Course Outline:

The course covers the practical use of a modern analyzer and high-speed oscilloscope to fault-find and health-check operating PROFIBUS networks. The course also covers the use of the Anybus Diagnostc’s Profitrace and Mercury analyzers as well as their Combricks permanent monitoring solution and diagnostic hub offering. Check the detailed course outline below.

Day 1 - Installation and Configuring

  • Registration and overview of the course
  • Overview of PROFIBUS technology
  • PROFIBUS DP wiring guidelines, Grounding & shielding
  • Practical – Build and test a cable. BT200 exercises
  • PROFIBUS DP / PA Network Layout
  • Tutorial and further practical exercises
  • Practical test/open-book theory test (45 min)
  • Practical test/open-book theory test (45 min)

Day 2 - Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Registration and Introduction to the Course.
  • Network configuration and GSD files.
  • Practical exercise – configuring and exercising a simple network.
  • The bus analyser
  • Practical exercise – build and test a network.
  • Analyzer practical exercises.
  • Practical use of an oscilloscope to diagnose and locate DP faults.
  • The PA profile and device commissioning.
  • PA engineering tools MBP fault finding

Day 3 - DP Communications

  • Overview of DP communications and the telegram structure.]
  • DPV0 master/slave start-up procedure.
  • Refreshment break.
  • Diagnostic telegram overview and practical exercise.
  • GSD files in detail
  • The parameterization and configuration telegrams
  • Standard and extended diagnostics in detail.
  • System debugging exercises.
  • Refreshment break.
  • Master class2/slave interactions, practical exercises.

Day 4 - Debugging & Certification

  • Further debugging exercises.
  • Practical testing session 1 / DP Tutorial session (45 min)
  • Practical testing session 2 / DP Tutorial session (45 min)
  • Network timing and bus parameters.
  • Device certification.
  • Further questions/tutorial.
  • Theory test (2 hours)
  • Questionnaires and feedback sessions

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