Industrial Ethernet Course

Explore the fundamentals of Industrial Ethernet, including applications, protocols, network design, and implementation.

Welcome to the Industrial Ethernet course offered by IIPD Global in Dubai! In this rapidly advancing era of technology, Ethernet has become an integral part of industrial automation and communication systems. This course is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to navigate the world of Industrial Ethernet.

Industrial Ethernet has revolutionized the way industrial systems are interconnected, providing faster and more reliable communication for industrial processes. This course will delve into the fundamentals of Industrial Ethernet, including network design, implementation, troubleshooting, and security considerations. It is suitable for professionals working in the fields of automation, control systems, and network engineering.


Upon completing this Industrial Ethernet course from IIPD, the candidate should be able to perform the following functions at the site, 

  • A better understanding of different Industrial Ethernet protocols. 
  • The correct decision during installation and reduced potential errors. 
  • Properly install, maintain, or troubleshoot an Ethernet installation. 
  • Knowledge to solve independent faults 
  • Communication with other PLCs and controllers 

Course Outline: 

  • Introduction to Ethernet 
  • Physical Communication and Ethernet Protocol 
  • TCP/IP Introduction 
  • Network components and Wireless communication 
  • Network Tools  


  • The prior idea about communication. 
  • Knowledge about Automation Systems 
  • Engr/Technician Level candidates 


  • One to One - Hands-on session 
  • On-Line Sessions(Batch) 

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and stay ahead in the field of Industrial Ethernet. Enroll now at IIPD Global and embark on a journey of professional growth and development. Visit our website or contact our admissions team to secure your place in the Industrial Ethernet course in Dubai.

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