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IIPD encourages and supports the development of fresh thinking. We aim to put innovation into practice and encourage it. Thanks to our technical labs and facilities, we can produce and develop new concepts.

IIPD supports professionals passionate about developing new ideas by assisting them in growing them from a seedling into a tree. With years of expertise and industry knowledge, IIPD has a team of professionals with considerable knowledge and skills. They offer young minds and their creative ideas important advice. In addition, our students receive the guidance of professionals working with us to strengthen and advance their ideas. IIPD's shared lab space is made for professionals to come to discuss their ideas and get the chance to develop them.

In addition, IIPD has a vast network of contacts that can assist our trainees in bringing their ideas to life. Numerous angel investors, venture capitalists, mentors, etc., are part of our network. We act as a link between the concepts developed by our students and those who might be interested in turning them into reality. At IIPD, we aim to nurture ideas and help our innovators become tomorrow's global leaders.

Innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to drive economic growth, and we are here to create an innovation mindset in individuals and organizations.




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