Effective optimization due to machine transparency

As a top manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment equipment, IHI Machinery and Furnace Co., Ltd. has won high praise and recognition from customers for its performance and reliability. In a rapidly changing social environment, IHI proposes unprecedented value by utilizing digital solutions such as SIMATIC WinCC Unified regardless of conventional thinking.

"IHI Machinery and Furnace Co., Ltd. aims to be a "base" for promoting Digital transformation at customer sites. “FURNACE EYE®” was developed as the first step in this process. "In this product development, we believe that it is essential to develop and strengthen the IT skills of engineers who have OT technology, which is an issue in promoting Digital transformation throughout the industry. We were looking for a product with a high degree of freedom that would allow us to build a digital solution that combines the OT technology and know-how we have cultivated. This product visualizes the know-how cultivated at the customer's site and realizes further promotion of Digital transformation through co-creation with the customer." Mr.Masahiko Takebayashi, Director of IHI Machinery and Furnace Co., Ltd. told why they decided to use SIMATIC WinCC Unified.


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