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Boost Your Productivity and Morale with This Effective Team Building Course

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, the distinction between triumph and downfall often hinges upon the presence of adeptly functioning teams under astute leadership. This intensive training regimen is centered around active engagement and is meticulously designed to furnish participants with the comprehensive skill set and attributes essential for assuming dual roles: that of a value-generating team contributor and a proficient leader within a high-performance team. The ensuing curriculum encompasses the following focal areas:

  • Skills vs. Qualities, Groups vs. Teams, Setting Goals.
  • Defining team Roles, and Responsibilities.  
  • The Seven C of Teamwork
  • Team progression stages and life cycle, Belbin’s team roles, and 5 Point Team dysfunction.  
  • Effective communication in a team environment, Non-verbal communication, Barriers in Communication.
  • Facilitation skills, Team meeting process.
  • Different leadership styles, Leader as a motivator, Concept of collective responsibility.
  • Conflict in Teams with practical examples, Kilman’s 5-point Conflict management theory.
  • Planning and organizing a superperforming team, Time management, Delegation as a productivity tool.
  • A process-based approach to resolving ongoing challenges.

Who is it for:

  • Senior/Mid-level/Junior Managers, Administrators, Supervisors and Project Leaders
  • Existing or Prospective Team Leaders and Team members in all departments
  • Any Individuals within the organization who wish to understand the functioning  of a high-performance team and the factors involved in leading such a team  


  • Learn to identify the different types of teams & develop different strategies for leading high-performing teams.
  • Understand clearly defined team goals and objectives.
  • Recognize the different team development stages and behaviors and master techniques to manage teams at each stage.
  • Understand and learn to use effective communication skills for effective team functioning.
  • Learn and understand how different roles played by team members affect the performance, realize individual roles, and how that can be used to improve individual contribution in a team.
  • Learn the importance of effective leadership in a team and skills for effective leadership.  
  • Learn and Improve conflict management skills so as to aid in the smooth functioning of teams.
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork and create a supportive team culture through practical activities

Training methodology

  • The Training will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.
  • This training is highly interactive and active oriented and experiential and will have activities  
  • involving; role-plays/group tasks, followed by discussion and debriefing, Q&A, and re-cap sessions.
  • Trainees will be provided with courseware which includes, study material, handouts, and activity sheets, etc. 

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