DWDM, Optical Transmission Architecture, Components and Design Course

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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is the key to the world’s telecommunications infrastructure which has a huge transmission capacity

DWDM systems allow much greater bandwidth over existing optical systems. For anyone involved with telecom and information technology, understanding this technology is a critical requirement.

In this course, the trainee will learn the networks architectures, components, design, and the Applications of the DWDM  
Target Audience:     
This course is designed for Telecommunication, transmission engineers, designers, Operators, optical communications system installers, optical systems pre-sales and consultants


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Understanding the physics of the optical transmission
  • Learn deeply the characteristics of fiber optic and fiber optic links
  • Describe how the DWDM technology works
  • Full Knowledge of the DWDM architectures and components
  • Identify the Application of the DWDM
  • Design the DWDM Systems
  • Study actual cases with the latest technologies  


Fiber Optic Basics


Introduction & Fundamentals

  • Basic Theories 
  • Why Optics?
  • Optical Signal Fundamentals 
  • How the Fiber Optic Works?
  • Fiber Optic Types & Standards
  • Fiber Optic Connectors Types & Categories
  • Fiber Optic Accessories 
  • Optical Transceivers SFPs

Optical Physics / Link Characteristics

  • Attenuation 
  • Dispersion
  • Insertion loss and reflection loss  
  • Absolute Optical Power 
  • Power Budget Calculation 
  • Loss Budget Calculation 
  • Fiber Optic Types, Choosing proper Type 
  • Metropolitan & Long haul Networks  

Transmission Protocols 

  • Introduction to SONET and SDH
  • Advantages of SDH over old protocols 
  • DM, PDH and SDH
  • SONET and SDH Hierarchy 
  • Transport Hierarchy 
  • SONET Protection Ring
  • 2 Fibers and 4 Fibers
  • OTN Protocol

Wavelength Division Multiplexing ( WDM ) 

  • What is the Multiplexing and Why Multiplexing?
  • Multiplexing Types 
  • WDM, CWDM and DWDM
  • Spectral Width
  • Optical Windows

WDM site Components:

  • Optical transponders.
  • Optical filters.
  • Solutions to overcome dispersion effect (DCM, coherent).

DWDM Architectures and Protection

  • Unidirectional and Bi-directional DWDM
  • Single Fiber Working 
  • CDC
  • The ITU G.692 Grid 
  • Filter-less architecture
  • Coherent DWDM
  • Optical Cross-Connects (OXCs) 
  • Light path Topology Design (LTD) 
  • Routing & Wavelength Assignment (RWA), Graph coloring
  • Optical protection, reliability (MTBF, MTTR). 
  • Optical control and management 
  • Performance management, optical overhead.
  • Optical Transport Network (OTN)

DWDM Passive Components 

  • RC
  • Splitter
  • Diffraction Grating
  • FBG
  • Thin Film Filter 
  • AWG
  • Optical Isolator 
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometer


  • How laser Works?
  • LASERS Performance characteristics
  • Laser Types
  • Fiber Non-linearity 
  • Mode-locked lasers
  • Laser vs. LED


  • How to Detect the Optical Signal?
  • Types of Detectors
  • Detectors Sensitivity
  • Optical Wavelength Conversion

Optical Amplifier

  • Repeater vs. Amplifier  
  • Amplifier Locations
  • 1R, 2R & 3R
  • EDFA
  • DRA

Optical Switching

  • O-E-O & O-O-O
  • MEMS
  • Liquid Crystal Switches
  • Electro-Optical Switches


  • Signal formats
  • Subcarrier modulation
  • Optical channel capacity
  • Demodulation: Shot/thermal noise; ideal signal detection
  • Optical signal-to-noise, bit error rate
  • Inter-symbol Interference (ISI)
  • Coherent detection
  • Dispersion Compensation

Advanced Routing and Switching 

  • WSS
  • ASON

Hardware and Equipment Study Cases:


  • 6500 Platform
  • 8180 Platform
  • 5170 Platform
  • Routing & Switching 
  • PTS
  • SFPs


  • 1830 Versatile WDM Module
  • Optical Anyhaul
  • Wavelite
  • SFPs


  • Optix OSN 9800 subracks 
  • 1830 Versatile WDM Module
  • SFPs
  • Review and Quiz 

As technology continues to evolve, DWDM remains at the forefront of revolutionizing data transmission, making expertise in this field highly sought after. By enrolling in the DWDM Optical Transmission Architecture, Components, and Design Course at IIPD Global, you are positioning yourself to become a proficient professional capable of driving innovation in the field of optical communication.

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