FTTX, OSP, ISP GPON Design, Installation & Testing Course

FTTX, OSP, ISP GPON Design, Installation & Testing Course: Gain In-Depth Proficiency in Advanced Telecom Infrastructure. Hands-On Training for Future-Ready Experts. Enroll Now at #1 Training

In response to the increasing demand for high bandwidth, telecom carriers are striving for network convergence and seamless consumer media device interaction. The emergence of FTTX technology is pivotal on a global scale.

Our program offers an in-depth exploration through real-world field samples and hands-on training in FTTX and GPON, the latest advancements in access networks. Tailored for engineers, supervisors, and technicians, this course aligns with the rapid evolution of these technologies.

This comprehensive course encompasses FTTX types, OSP GPON, customer premise cabling, equipment, installation, components, and testing. Join us to stay at the forefront of these transformative technologies and excel in the telecommunications industry.

Target Audience:     

This course is designed for OSP, ISP engineers, supervisors, team leaders, telecom Technicians, IT Implementation staff, and designers.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Knowledge of what is the FTTX? 
  • Recognize the Type of FTTX networks  
  • Studying the FTTX protocols
  • Installing OSP GPON and premise cabling 
  • Splicing and termination of fiber cables
  • Acquire knowledge of GPON and components 
  • Calculating of the loss budget
  • Calculating of the power budget
  • Testing GPON networks
  • Learn GPON troubleshooting
  • Design FTTX Networks


Fiber Optic Technician course

Course Outlines:

Participants will gain expertise in designing, installing, and testing these essential components of modern telecommunications networks. By course completion, attendees will be equipped to proficiently handle FTTX, OSP, ISP, and GPON systems, contributing to the advancement of communication technologies.

Fiber optic and FTTX overview 

  • Fiber optic basics
  • Fiber optic types
  • Fiber optic standards
  • What is the FTTX?
  • Triple play system
  • Advantages of the FTTX

FTTX Networks Types and Protocol 

  • Point to Point (PTP) 
  • Active Star 
  • PON (Passive Optical Networks)

PON Networks Types 

  • APON
  • BPON
  • EPON
  • GPON

GPON Networks Architectures

  • OSP
  • Data Center Side OLT 
  • End User Side ONU

GPON OSP Cabling and Components

  • TIA G652.D
  • Feeder cables
  • Distribution cables 
  • Splitters
  • Pre-terminated Splitter and Rackmount Splitter 
  • OSP splitter hub
  • Distribution/ drop closure
  • APC connector 

OLT Optical Network terminals Components

  • OLT
  • ODF
  • FDH
  • STB and IAD
  • Routers

ONU Customer Premise Cabling and Components

  • Rackmount FDH
  • Wall mount FDH
  • Patch Panel 
  • TIA G657 
  • ONU
  • Drop cables
  • Drop/customer box
  • Fast connector 
  • UTP Cat5e, CAT6 and Coaxial cabling

GPON Installation

  • Installation Standards and Procedures
  • Cable pulling 
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing 
  • Underground closure installation and fiber distribution 
  • FDH installation

ONU Installation 

  • Trunk and cable tray fixing
  • Indoor conduits 
  • User termination box installation 
  • Fast connector termination 
  • UTP cables installation, termination, and testing

GPON testing and troubleshooting 

  • VFL
  • End to End Loss Test with a Power meter and laser source
  • OTDR Test
  • GPON Testing plan and procedures
  • GPON Troubleshooting

Micro Cabling

  • Micro ducts 
  • Micro cables
  • Duct calibration 
  • Micro-ducts jointing 
  • Cable air blowing

GPON Design 

  • Choosing components
  • Actual splitter loss calculation
  • End-to-end loss budget calculation
  • Transmitter absolute power calculation
  • Receiver sensitivity
  • Power budget calculation
  • Estimation of Bandwidth 
  • ITU 984
  • GPON Design Guidelines 
  • GPON frame format
  • Review & Quiz

In conclusion, our FTTX, OSP, ISP GPON Design, Installation & Testing Course offers comprehensive expertise in cutting-edge telecom technologies. Enroll now at IIPD Global to seize the opportunity for hands-on learning and propel your career in the ever-evolving field of telecommunications. Don't miss out – secure your spot today and be a part of shaping the future of network infrastructure.

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