KNX Tutor Course

Become a proficient KNX tutor with comprehensive training in teaching KNX concepts, programming, and practical applications.

Welcome to IIPD Global's KNX Tutor Course in Dubai, UAE! As a leading KNX Approved Institute, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive training and guidance to become a proficient KNX expert. With our cutting-edge curriculum and experienced instructors, we ensure that you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of KNX automation.

The KNX Tutor Course is designed to cater to professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of KNX technology. Whether you are an aspiring technician, engineer, or system integrator, this course equips you with the expertise needed to design, install, program, and maintain KNX-based smart building systems.

KNX Tutor courses are offered for those students who want to set up a certified KNX training center themselves or who want to work as a KNX tutor at an already certified KNX training centre. The theoretical part of the course is organized either by F2F or online. The theoretical exam can be organized F2F or online.

Course contents

  • KNX Requirements for training centres
  • Structure and Scope of KNX Association
  • KNX Software
  • History of bus systems
  • Serial data transmission & KNX protocol
  • Microcontrollers
  • Application program
  • KNX Certification scheme for products
  • Theoretical exam

Requirements with regard to the KNX Tutor course

  • The duration of the course is at least 18 hours.
  • The student must pass the Knx Advanced course exam in advance in order to be admitted to the KNX Tutor course.¬†
  • It is recommended that the Advanced qualification is acquired a maximum of two years before participating in the Tutor course.
  • All topics of the KNX Tutor course documentation shall be dealt with in the above-mentioned period of time.
  • The Tutor course shall be conveyed by a KNX tutor who himself has passed his tutor exam with an overall mark of 80%.
  • The theoretical exam shall be organized F2F or online.
  • If organized online, the tutor candidate must have a camera turned on while taking the exam, without any virtual background.
  • The KNX tutor (= examiner) must be present at his computer for the whole duration of the theoretical exam and must be able to monitor the candidate via the camera.
  • Students must pass the theoretical exam with a minimum of 60% of the marks. The exam regulations can be found under¬†Exam regulations for the different courses.

Enrolling in the KNX Tutor Course at IIPD Global is your gateway to becoming a skilled KNX expert. Whether you are looking to enhance your knowledge, upgrade your skills, or take the first step towards a rewarding career in building automation, our course offers a comprehensive and practical learning experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the ranks of successful KNX professionals. Enroll now and unlock your potential with IIPD Global's KNX Tutor Course in Dubai, UAE!

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